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Goodbye 2021... Hello 2022

2021 has been an amazing and game changing year for DTE as a whole, with the first Pop'N'Bop as well as Cherry, this has been the biggest year for us to date.

Throughout the nearly 2 years doing down to earth, I have learned so much and met so many amazing people, and no matter how long I continue with DTE, I will never forget what we stand for.

Down To Earth stands for hope, change, equality, and the freedom to believe and do what you want with your time on this planet. All my life I have wanted to help people and give back, and that's what I will strive to do this year more than ever before.

"SPIT First live performance 2021"

All this time I have strived to give young and talented creatives a chance to express themselves and put them out in the spotlight, whether that be musicians, artists, photographers, designers, and all the creative minds in between, I want to give them a chance, and a community of supportive people that they can all relate to and form a relationship with, a family, for the ones that may or may not have one to begin with.

"The DTE Pop'N'Bop - Oct 9 2021"

I do not only strive to create a community and family of creatives, but also high quality and affordable clothes, with dope ass designs, by not only me, but several talented artists, like Jalen.

"Artwork created by Jalen for Cherry"

In closing I would just like to say thank all of you for such a wonderful and amazing year, I love all of you supporters as well as the many talented people I have worked and collaborated with, you all meant the world to me, and are one of the driving forces that keeps me going.

Never let anyone or anything stop you form achieving your goals.


- Written by Mikel Rome

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