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Black Fashion History

Written by Sarai Clark

Lettuce Hem

Stephen Burrows : Lettuce Hem 70s ; Burrows has a trend for colorful and unique stitching patterns, he created the iconic lettuce hem from his pioneered zig-zag pattern of stitching. The name was inspired from an assistant of his requesting an article of clothing in a “lettuce” color.

Donyale Luna

(The first black woman to appear on the cover of Vogue): Acrylic nails were created in 1950 yet in 1966 first notable appearance of nails was in Twen magazine


1930s Black woman’s kinky curl style of hair was seen as “sloppy” and “unkept”, leading to the baby hairs of black woman’s hair aka edges, to be laid down in “neater” patterns. This style can be seen, not only on black woman today, but celebrities like Kylie Jenner & Alexa Demie most notably in her role as Maddy in ‘Euphoria’

Bucket Hats

First appearing in the 1900’s in Australia & Ireland; the bucket hat was created for farmers and fisherman as protection from weather conditions like rain, the edge/brim was used to protect their faces from excess water or even from the sun. Fast forward to the 80s, previously known as “Giggle Hats” were mainstreamed from hip-hop/rap artists as a fashion choice in their music videos and streetwear. Jay-Z, LL Cool J, & Big Hank helped popularize these staples in the fashion scene

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