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The ROME Tee

The ROME tee was the first shirt created by Mikel Rome all the way back in 2019 with a blue ink pen and a plain white Hanes tee, with there first rendition of the DTE Circa-Logo and painted using a 45RPM record as a stencil.

The final shirts came out in 5 different pastel colors, Mint, Lavender, Ocean blue, Cornsilk, and glacier white with  an embroidered  purple WORLDWIDE on the left sleeve and a hand pressed tag in the neck

Retail: $25.00
Production run:  12


The Dax Logo Era

Dax Logo Zipup

The Dax Logo zip-up is a vintage white polo jacket, the front has the same art as the revelations drawings and the back has a big Dax logo that for a while became the unofficial logo for DTE.

There was only 1/1 ever made and is still in Mikel Rome's private collection.

Retail: N/A
Production run:  1 off



The hand-drawn DTE boots were
hand made by Mikel Rome and were
drawn using the "Revelations" pattern
created in early 2020

There was only 2/2 ever made and one is still in the DTE vault

Retail: $60 (1 sold)
Production run:  2/2



These converse were drawn using the same "revelations" drawing pattern as the DTE boots

There was only 1/1 ever made and the whereabouts of the shoe are unknown

Retail: N/A
Production run:  1 off

The Dax Tee

The Dax logo Tee was the 2nd tee that was officially created and sold by DTE.
The front of the Tee was drawn by someone named DAX on a bowling pin, and was then re-created by Mikel Rome, as well as the hand-drawn DTE logo on the back

There were 24 ever made and several (including the Shit-dyed shirt) 
Still sit in the DTE Vault

Retail: $60 (1 sold)
Production run:  2/2


S/S 2021

Arc Logo Beanies

Lemon Ice


Orange Soda


Watermelon candy

IMG_2068 2.JPG

S/S Arc Logo Beanies

The DTE arc logo beanies was the first headwear created by DTE for their S/S collection

The DTE arc logo beanies came in 5 candy-like S/S colors and were sold as the first piece of the S/S collection

Retail: $24.99
Production run:  35 (7 of each 
color way)

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