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The Human Condition

Written by: Mikel Rome

You represent a piece of me that’s missing.

A sense of stability in my life that’s gone, a memory that’s permanently burned into the back of my brain.


You made me feel desired when no one else did.

Since then I feel lost, wandering aimlessly without reason.


I’m afraid that I will never find anyone who makes me feel the same, it was as if everything else was null when I was with you.


I met you a summers day, on a hot day,  fragmented mind and love, I cant breath and I’m unable to speak because I sit at the edge of my seat waiting for you to say something, anything at all, waiting for myself to give into commitment, to be vulnerable, to give into my own emotions and pleasures.


Warm skin pressed against cold glass as we feel each others souls filling with our deepest desires, it’s a human condition to love someone this much, it’s a human condition to feel stuck.


I feel stuck.


In a whirlwind of intimacy and love I feel stuck, or maybe just love struck, I feel stuck and I don’t know how I can say it, there’s nothing stopping me from walking away and yet I stay time and time again.


I’m in love with you.


I’m in love with you but I can’t be.


Fuck I’m in love with you.


Im blinded by your beauty, the waves of comfort and passion flowing over me, I wouldn’t wish this level of passion on my worst enemy, I wish there was a way I could know that there’s someone else out there waiting for the sweet caress of my name from their lips, someone else that sees the world in the beautifully twisted way it really is. 


And still even now our souls bond with the force of a thousand suns, as your name drips from the tip of my tongue, I fall in love with you all over again. 


Sometimes it still feels like I could be your lover, or your friend, or even an acquaintance you speak to now and then, but more than anything I just don’t want this story to end.


And after all that being said, it hurts a little less knowing that you’re happy now.

( I wrote this at 3AM in 7 minutes)



(I wrote this after I had been broken up with by my first high school boyfriend)


Falling in love What a strange way to say it

Why is it called falling?

Is it because the other person Picks you back up?

Or do they leave you there to Cry


Written by: Sunny

Different Now

Written by: Anonymous


waves hitting the rocks on the beach the sound how peaceful it was

that’s where i want to be where for one moment my thoughts were silenced for once. when i imagined myself there

I saw you

You were by my side

Laughing, smiling, happy

Just like the old days

the only thing is i don’t think you belong there anymore you make me feel safe but not like you used it.

I’m not sure if it’s because you hurt me

Or if it’s because i’m different now

You said i was different now

Is that a good thing

How did you mean that how was i supposed to take that

you said

“it’s not a bad thing you are just different now”

An Old Friend

Written by: Anonymous



He was once held in the dark room

Looking for comfort and finding none

He was once held by the judgements of others

For not adhering to their standards

He was once held by the rantipole

Simply for his desire to love

He is engulfed by the judgement of himself

For if he is not good for himself, who else is he good for?


Novaturience was the solution

To persevere, to change, to evolve

A mask, for protection

Strength, for protection

Alienation, for protection

He needed to reject himself before anyone else could

He couldn’t allow her to come in, for he was flawed and she was naïve


He runs

Runs, runs, runs, towards the light 

With each step, the light brightens

Eventually, blindingly so, where the light is all he knows

If he runs far enough

If he runs fast enough 

If he runs strong enough


Just maybe

He can be good enough

Do you know what love is?

Written by: Ikaris Bard


Do you know what love is?


Hell, do I know what love is?


I once thought it was the caressing of skin.


One sided sacrifice.


Talking about compromise.


Then follow the unfulfilled promises.


That was before I met him.


Before I got communication.


Before I found out what a stomach full of butterflies felt like.


Before I saw him smile at something I said.


Me! My words!


Before I knew what envy felt like.


Envious of his looks to others.


Him smiling at them.


Knowing someone else is on his mind when he goes to bed.


When I’m stuck thinking only about him.


Hoping one day, somehow, someway

He might love me.


Like how I’ve grown to love him.

Bucket List

Written by: Jayke

Hopeful / Youth

I'm still young and full of life

Wanna look at a picture of a husband and wife

Wanna run through the carts of a moving train

Wanna take my lover's hand and dance in the rain


Wanna feel the wind blow through my hair

Wish life was just a little bit more fair

Wanna jump off a ledge into a lake

Wanna learn how to properly bake


Wanna run through the streets with all my friends

Just to see how this life ends

Wanna walk along the rickety train tracks

Wanna explore old abandoned shacks

Wanna swim in crystal clear water

Wanna grow up and have a daughter

Just a few things on my bucket list

And watch Time around Me slowly shift

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