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CJ Scott is an independent filmmaker from Amarillo. She has been filming since 2020 and has recently debuted her newest short film ‘Gasp’ which is a horror comedy. 


She has written, directed, and produced 7 no budget short films. She has shown her works locally at horror and comic conventions. She has also shown her work in festivals across the globe, which she has won some festival awards.


CJ is currently working on her feature film ‘Whispers’ and directing and producing a few other projects before she moves to Austin Texas in the fall.

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Educating people about the injustices and imbalance of power in our local and national political systems, while encouraging the youth and people directly affected to stand up and show them that we can change the system




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The All NEW! DTE 2024

You guys may know me, my name is Mikey Strella and I’ve been doing DTE for almost 2 years now, and in that time I have learned a lot.

I’ve not only learned and grown as a creator, but also as a person. When I started Down To earth I had one goal in mind; to inspire a generation of young people to be themselves, and that goal still reigns true to this day. Down To Earth was created for the people, by the people; it’s not only a brand that makes high quality clothes for a great price with a culture behind it, its also community, a community to uplift people, and help nurture and create connections for young creatives, as well as an overall care free and fun loving group of people, growing and maturing together.

My goal is to bring all the creatives I work with up with DTE, whether that be musicians, artists, photographers, or every other creative hobby in between, I want to help give the people who never had the opportunity, the friends, or the families a chance to be what they were meant to be, and even if you don’t think I’m talking to you, I am.

Once you live in the dream long enough, it becomes your reality.

Worldwide Till We Die.

DTE Mission Statement 2022

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